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Use your masterboard as your screen saver. Visualizing - seeing what you desire - is an important step in order to achieve what you want.

masterboard screen saver When you have created your masterboard™, you are ready to put your personal masterboard™ as your PCs screen saver (Windows).

We know that repetition works. Seeing your goals several times a day will help you stay focused and believe in your goals.The brain believes in what it sees most frequently.

Are you aware that your brain does not know truth from fiction? Take advantage of this powerful fact, and as often as possible, play mental movies of the goal you want to achieve. We do this all the time when we daydream. Now, you’re going to direct your visions to obtain your goals through the use of your masterboard™ Focus is the trademark of all great people. Nearly all of these individuals first had a vision of what they wanted to create in their life and made a commitment to focus their thoughts until they achieved their desires. You can do the same by using mymasterboard™!

Here are additional tips that will assist you in creating your dream life:

  • View Your masterboard™ Repeatedly

  • This is a crucial step to this process because it ensures that you remain focused on what you want instead of being caught up in life’s evitable day-to-day challenges, which oftentimes thwart your success. So remember to look at your masterboard™ frequently.

  • Review Your Goals Weekly

  • These include the Affirmations that appear underneath the images displayed on your masterboard™. Weekly review them in addition to your goal list that you developed. You did create your list, didn’t you? Did you know that the two ideal times to review your goal list are first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep. Research has shown that these are the most suggestible times during the day because your mind is in an alpha state and isn’t censoring what you input in your brain. Rather, it’s deeply relaxed and receptive to information.

  • Be Aware of Your Self-Talk

  • It’s important to recognize whether you use empowering statements or self-defeating ones. Now, we can’t be positive all the time and that’s a good thing because we want to honor both positive and negative characteristics of our personality. We’re comprised of both. It may sound strange but it’s important to love all parts of you. If you resist or deny these aspects, they persist. The result is that you attract precisely what you don’t want.

  • Continue to Play 30-Second Mental Movies of Your Vision

  • Repetition is the key! Visualize, visualize, visualize and keep those mental images of your goals active in your mind. Remember to feel with all your senses the excitement you’ll experience once your dream has come true! Back to our earlier point – pretend it is happening until it happens!

  • Express Gratitude Now

  • One way to remain positive is to appreciate all the goodness and blessings that are in your life right now. Following this approach allows greater good to enter your life, because if you recall, you create what you focus on.

  • Focus on the Outcome You Desire

  • Instead of thinking about how your goal will be achieved, one of the most important elements of this process is remain focused on your end result. Don’t necessarily figure out the “how.” This doesn’t mean that you do not develop a plan or sit back eating bon-bons waiting for your dream to occur. Rather listen to the guidance within, the hunches and the intuition you receive. Then take action and more action until your dream is achieved.

  • Act As If Your Goal Has Already Happened

  • Use this powerful technique until your goal is realized. Pretty soon, you will substitute pretending for reality!

  • Place Affirmations All Around You

  • Put inspiring quotes and your affirmations in your house, office and yes, even your car. This helps you to concentrate on What you Want instead of putting your time and energy complaining about what you don’t want. But please don’t berate yourself if you catch yourself using self-defeating, negative words. That’s part of being human. Instead, catch yourself when you’re in this mode and recognize that this behavior might be preventing you progress. Then act accordingly to make changes that reflect what you want.

  • Be Patient and Persistent

  • What, your dream didn’t happen overnight?! Of course, this is normal. Just because your dream didn’t occur instantaneously doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Don’t expect immediate manifestation of your goals. Some take longer than others to show up.

  • Celebrate All Your Successes

  • Accomplishing a small goal is worth patting yourself on the back. When you notice the little creations you have manifested, reward yourself. This builds your confidence and gives you momentum to create bigger goals. Once you gain reassurance through smaller achievements, the bigger goals seem easier – and they are on your way to you as well.

  • Keep Believing in Yourself and Never, Ever Give Up!

  • Know that You have all you need to live your ideal life. You Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

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    "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
    - Albert Einstein